Saturday, March 15, 2008

Palestine and the slow war

Is this what a 100-years war feels like? The constant, though relatively "contained" skirmishes between Israel and Everyone Else have seemingly inured the combatants and the world to the constant violence. Israel is even thriving, as this ETF illustrates.

Has this constant, low rumble of slow war become simply a fenced-in football field, a proxy for the world to work out the angst between Muslim peoples and the western, Christian-originated democracies?

(And did Bush tear a hole in the fence of that football field?)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

South America, the land of gumdrops and happy smiles

Venezuela and Colombia restore ties. Ecuador considers the incident resolved.

Given the relative strengths of the armies, Colombia has a strong advantage (link anyone?), so this largely amounted to a textbook drill on resolving a dangerous situation peacefully.

Chavez no doubt hoped to score points domestically by looking tough, and score points abroad by resolving a situation diplomatically, quickly, and with [the appearance of] finality.

Did he succeed? I'm doubtful.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Venezuela, Colombia and FARC

Colombia killed a very high level FARC rebel. Chavez seizes the spotlight by rushing troops to the border, and talking of war with Colombia.

Does this have even the slightest potential of drawing the U.S. into a skirmish or war with Venezuela? I don't know what treaties we have with Colombia, but I wonder.

Update: Ecudor follows suit, pulling its diplomats and sending troops to the border.